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The purpose of this document is to describe the technical Specifications for an extension module to be developed in Openbravo ERP version 2.50 and 3 called Timings of VAT Booking for Sales Storno.

Application Dictionary Changes



Java Code

A new Java class, called, which extends DocInvoiceTemplate, will be in charge of the posting logic for the Sales Storno Invoices. In case the invoice's organization has the "Post VAT in settlement" activated, the VAT amount will be reversed in the temporary account.

How to configure it

1. Follow the instructions for configuring the Storno Invoice module

2. Once the storno module has been properly configured, the user just need to change the Accounting Template of the Storno Sales Invoice Document to the Accounting Template - Storno with Timing of VAT support inside the Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || Accounting Schema || Accounting Schema >> Account Schema Tables >> Documents for the C_Invoice table. It is very important to flag the Allow negative checkbox, otherwise the accounting entry will be wrong.

Storno obtv doc.jpg

Example of an accounting entry

Storno obtv sales invoice.jpg

Storno obtv storno invoice.jpg

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