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Projects:Translation Management/Q and A

Translation Management - Q&A

Some questions and potential answers relating to the implementation of this project. What areas are there that need to be considered in the overall design of this solution? What specific concepts or ideas that need to be resolved in order for this project to succeed?

Ideally there should be more than one answer to each of these questions, and please feel free to add further questions.

  1. What is the overall Technical vision for this project?
    • A:
  2. What are the requirements to translate Jasper documents on the fly?
    • A:
  3. What is the effect of real time translation of the UI on performance of the system?
    • A:
  4. What options are available in terms of translating the words and phrases used in the application?
    • A:
  5. What other possibilities are there apart from the use of XML and PO files to achieve quality translations?
    • A:
  6. What languages are going to be the most difficult to implement or cater for?
    1. Can we handle Arabic languages where the orientation is right to left?
      • A:
  7. What are the implications in terms of character sets?
    1. Is there a specification that better suits this type of implementation?
      • A:
  8. What are the current Web Services specifications within Openbravo and how can we get the most benefit from them?
    • A:
  9. How do we ensure against corrupt translations making there way into the repository?
    • A:
  10. What would it take to be able to set the base language in a language other than English?
    • A:
  11. During running the XML to PO process how do we ensure that any entries not translated are not carried over into the PO files? The PO files should only show those entries that have been translated.
    • A:
  12. A question has been raised about the possibility of being able to create a trading language. This would be a language that is not translated into the UI but will translate documents and data to another language. How could this be implemented and provided?
    • A:
  13. If we are automating the translation process how do we enforce the encoding to UTF-8? This should be platform independant i.e. running it on either Windows or Linux will return the same encoding.
    • A:

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