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Projects:Tree Extension/Specifications




Openbravo has an existing implementation that provides a common approach to building trees. This consists of a tree definition capability within the AD, that is used in the core module in areas like chart of accounts, organization hierarchy, menu and a tree visualization and re-ordering capability, which is available for all trees rendered based on this infrastructure. Limitation of the tree definition capabilities are

  1. adding this capability for new tree relationship require changes to the core module ( and this prevents extension of this capability even to other core entities like Product Categories where it is partially implemented )
  2. this does not support multiple hierarchical relationships for the same entity - for example modules are related to themselves as dependencies and inclusions both of which could be looked at in a hierarchical fashion.


The purpose of this project is to address these limitation of the tree implementation to cater to the present and future needs i.e


The scope of the project is as follows

  1. Make it possible to define one or more tree relationships for an entity in a module
  2. Implement 3.0 visualization widgets for tree relationships
  3. Backport existing tree implementations

The initial focus would be on (1).


Forum threads on limitations of tree references.

Links from forum specific to product/business partner category limitations


Links from forum related to other or more generic limitations


Feature requests (issues ) around trees

  1. Hierarchical projects
  2. BOM graphical view
  3. Modularity does not support trees
  4. Refactor tree edition to make it to use ajax
  5. Tree management

Useful Links about existing implementation


Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

User stories

1. Simple Hierarchy Implementation

We will implement a concrete story and then abstract the capability - the abstraction should be a part of the story acceptance criteria

Requirement:As a OB implementor, I would like a capability of defining a tree relationship for Product Categories in an extension module.

Acceptance Criteria :

  1. The hierarchy should be definable in a separate module
  2. It should ensure that no recursive relationships are rendered
  3. The hierarchy relationship should be visible through the existing rendering mechanism
  4. The mechanism to provide this hierarchy should be impelementable for other relationships as well - to be tested for Product BOM relationship

Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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