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Projects:UI Technology/Navigation Bar Functionality



This page gives an overview of the navigation bar functionality which is delivered as part of Openbravo 3.0 RC1. A screenshot of the navigation bar is shown below.

Navbar start.png

Quick Create

The quick create component allows a user to open a classic Openbravo window in 'new' or 'insert' mode.

Navbar quick create.png


Quick Launch

The quick launch component allows a user to open a classic Openbravo window or manual window.

Navbar quick launch.png


Application Menu

When clicking the application component an application menu should show up. It should have the same menu entries as the classic menu in the same hierarchy (depends on the role).

Navbar menu.png



The alert component takes care of notifying the user of alerts. Its functionality:

Logout/Change Role/Change Password

On the top-right in the navigation bar the user's login should be visible with red icon on the left. Clicking the red icon should log out the current user. Clicking the user should pop-down a form to change the client/role or change password.

Navbar change role.png


Navbar change password.png

The change password has the following functionality:

General behavior

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