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This page lists the tasks from the global scrum backlog and some additional tasks which are all related to the new user interface project.

For each task the following is done:

Each task is (if necessary) divided in subtasks which are assigned to specific sprints.

The sprint timing is as follows:

Main Layout

The main layout (row 26 in the global scrum backlog) delivery consists of the following:

At the start of Sprint 24 the following tasks remain for the main layout:

The main layout work will continue in sprint 24. The work division:

David is away for one week during sprint 24.

Main layout later tasks

The main layout needs to be extended with the following functions:

Resource requirement and timing:

Upgrade to Smartclient Nightly Build (8.0)

This task is not listed in the global scrum backlog. We need to upgrade to the latest version of Smartclient so that we can make use of newer features and have more assurance on what we do will work on the 8.0 release also.

The nightly build can be downloaded from here.

Note that this task has become of lower priority as we can also use Selenium with the 7.0 release which we currently use.

Resource requirement and timing:

Selenium Integration

Main Layout Testing

The new user interface should be testable through Selenium. As we have the main layout available a first test can be started on t

Planning and Resources:

Automated Smoke testing

The eventual goal of this task is to convert the current automated smoke tests to the new user interface. Initially this requires detailed study and prototyping to identify challenges and obstacles. It is difficult to estimate but it will at least take 2 people 2 sprints to be able to show results here.

Resource requirement and planning:

Sales Order Entry Implementation in new UI

This task has as goal to implement the implement the sales order entry window in the new user interface. See here for an overview of the different parts of this form.


Total resource requirement: 23 manweeks.

Generate windows for new UI

This task converts the sales order entry implementation to an environment which makes it possible to generate all the windows from the AD_Window table.

Estimate: 2 people 2 months

Linked Items View

Implement Process Window in new UI


The MyOB tab is the start page for the enduser. It contains widgets which can show information from many information sources (news feeds, other websites, etc.). A broad overview document can be downloaded [here].

Some key aspects:

The MyOB development will consists of the following phases:

When dividing the tasks over sprints the following subdivision can be made:

The estimate is that 2 people will need to work MyOB, so in total around 5 manmonths of work.

Openbravo 3.0 Developers Guide

This is a complete rework of the current developers guide to incorporate all the new user interface development methods. The developers guide can be partially constructed from the existing documentation available in the new user interface developments and partially from existing materials.

Improve field entity in AD: default, calculated, mandatory

Improve navigation capabilities (linked items)

- Linked items (navigation defined by expresion)

Improve search capabilities / Filtering options

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