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Projects:Upgrade Hibernate/QA


Some new automatic tests have been added to cover some specific behaviors:

All these new tests have been included in the existing DalTest.

Together with this, all the existing test infrastructure in CI should help to ensure that everything continues working as expected.


The performance tests have been focused in ensuring that the Hibernate upgrade does not introduce performance regressions in:

To measure this, it has been compared the differences when using Hibernate 3.6 against Hibernate 5.3 with its different batch fetch styles. The results are summarized in the following sheet.

At at first stage, the PADDING style seemed to be the best option, but due to a bug in Hibernate this strategy was discarded. Therefore, we have decided to keep the same behavior in the batch fetching strategy by using the LEGACY style.

Besides, we have performed some profiling in order to make sure that:

For the profiling we have use the same test both with Hibernate 3.6 and Hibernate 5.3. The profiling snapshots can be found here:

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