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Projects:Upgrade Hibernate/Specs



The main objective of this project is to upgrade the Hibernate library used in Openbravo from current 3.6 version to the newer 5.3.2.

Functional Requirements

This project will not add new functional features, the changes involved within this project should be transparent in terms of the functional behavior of the application.

Technical Specs

Project Tasks

This project has been split in several tasks. This has helped us to tackle a big project like this, by targeting sub-tasks with a more specific scope.

This sheet summarizes how this project has been structured.

Stack Requirements

Hibernate 5.3 is built using Java 8 JDK and requires Java 8 JRE at runtime. Therefore, it would be necessary to raise the minimum JDK supported in Openbravo to Java 8.


The changes introduced with this project will not be transparent in terms of code. Several changes in both Openbravo and Hibernate API will be introduced. This will require to update the code of the different Openbravo modules:

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