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Projects:Upgrade Jasper Libraries/QA


Several reports have been executed manually, and they have been visually reviewed, checking the screen printout and the print on paper also.

The functional tests include the generation of the following reports:

Also the printing functionality regarding transaction documents (Shipments, Orders, Invoices and Payments) have been reviewed, to ensure that the reports are rendered properly in the following cases:

Finally, to check that the report translations still work properly, the following translation pack has been installed and tested:

Automatic Tests

In this project there have not been generated automatic test cases, due to the lack of a test infraestructure to check if the resulting reports generated with the new Jasper Reports library are identical to the reports generated with the former library.

Instead of using automatic tests, several reports have been reviewed visually as explained in the previous section.

Reports Rendering Time Comparison

To check that the performance requirement of this project is fulfilled, the time spent to generate the printout of different reports (rendering time) have been measured to check the time differences before and after the Jasper Reports library upgrade.

For the tests, every report has been executed several consecutive times, and the average render time (without taking into account the time spent in their respective database queries) has been calculated as the final result.

The results of those tests are summarized in the following sheet.

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