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Projects:Upgrade Weld/QA

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Manual Tests

Some basic flows has been manually tested using different web containers:

Container Direct Deployment Using Eclipse
Tomcat 7 (< 7.0.81) ok ok
Tomcat 7 (> 7.0.81) ok not working in all cases (*)
Tomcat 8.0 ok ok
Tomcat 8.5 ok ok
Tomcat 9 ok ok
Wildfly 10 ok ok
Wildfly 11 ok ok
Wildfly 14 ok ok
Wildfly 16 ok not yet available

(*) It has been detected that when deploying the application with a Tomcat 7 version higher that 7.0.81 using Eclipse, the startup fails because Tomcat is not able to find the beans.xml file properly. To overcome this problem there are two different alternatives:

Note that we reported it as a Weld issue, because it looked like a regression, but it was eventually rejected.

Automatic Tests

No new tests have been created as part of this project. The current test infrastructure should be enough to ensure that everything continues working as expected.

Thanks to the testing infrastructure it has been reported and fixed some issues affected by changes related with the Assignability Rules specification:


The performance tests of this project have been focused in ensuring that the upgrade of the Weld library does not introduce performance regressions in:

The results of the performance tests are summarized in the following sheet.

Besides, it has been measured the amount of memory consumed when executing all the tests extending WeldBaseTest in order to ensure that this issue is not reproduced after the upgrade.

Code Review

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