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Projects:Upgrade to JUnit 4.11/Technical Specification



This project is basically going to upgrade the JUnit libraries to the latest stable version 4.11. This project will cover the refactor of all the test cases to make them use the new notation

For these changes, there are two possible ways to do future test cases :

Technical Considerations

JUnit 3x Vs JUnit 4.11

It is recommended to use the 4.11 version because it has a lot of improvements. For example:

Features JUnit 3.x Junit 4.x
Test annotation test* pattern @Test
Run at the beginning --- @BeforeClass
Run at the end --- @AfterClass
Run before each test method override setUp() @Before
Run after each test method override tearDown() @After
Ignore test change name method, ... @Ignore
Run at the end --- @AfterClass
Timeouts --- @Test(timeout = 1000)
Exceptions Catch exceptions @Test(expected =Exception.class)

Location of test cases

It have been change the location of the test. Now test case are in different project called OpenbravoTest. There are some changes to explain:

OpenbravoTest    XXX\opensource\openbravo\erp\devel\main\src-test

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