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Projects:User Data Synchronisation/Functional Specification




User Data Synchronisation project aims to add a project to synchronise data from Openbravo using the Funambol synchronisation server. And then write documentation on how to synchronise the data (email, tasks, contacts, etc...) from one user with his communication devices or his accounts.


This project will require to add the client funambol library. It needs the development of various functions to get the emails, tasks, events, notes and contacts descriptions from the current user, generate the funambol objects (vcard and sift objects) and send them to the funambol server. It needs also various functions to get the emails, tasks, events, notes and contacts descriptions from the funambol server, and register them in the openbravo ERP server.

It will require to create a new tab in User options window with three fields, five check buttons and one button.

No existing functionality of Openbravo ERP will be modified.


Design Considerations


This project depends on the Funambol project


In this document I call a device, whatever type of object with which we can do a synchronisation of data (Laptop, iphone, outloock, gmail, google calendar, mozilla thunderbird, etc...)

Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Today user have an intense use of devices to register their contacts, events, email. They are wasting a lot of time to get all their devices data synchronised. The use of a synchronisation server like funambol allow them to save it.

Business process definition

  1. Synchronisation from device to openbravo ERP server
  2. Synchronisation from openbravo ERP server to device

User stories

  1. User synchronise its device with the openbravo server and knows he has a meeting tomorrow with a client.
  2. Next day user goes to the meeting and learn their is a new business partner on the client side.
  3. User registers the phone and the mail of this new business partner in his device.
  4. Back to the office, User synchronise its device with openbravo and all the company knows their is a new business partner in the relation with the client.

Functional requirements based on business processes

To achieve the desired functionalities the following elements need to be added.

Num Requirement Importance Status
1.1 Create a new tab in User options called 'Funambol Sync' with the fields
  • 'Username' text field (Openbravo username by default - mandatory)
  • 'Password' password field (mandatory)
  • 'Contacts' check button
  • 'Email' check button
  • 'Tasks' check button
  • 'Events' check button
  • 'Notes' check button
  • 'Periodicity' input field
  • 'Start Synchronisation' button
Must have To be done
1.2 Functions to use Funambol library and synchronises the different objects between Openbravo and Funambol server. This functions must be a periodic background process Must have To be done
1.3 Documentation on how to install and use Funambol server. Must have To be done

User Interface Mockups


Technical Requirements

Application Dictionary elements as well as all type of files involved in Model - View - Controller (MVC) stucture (*.html, *.xml, *.java and *.xsql files) will have to be created. Besides, communication functions using funambol API will also be created.

Non-Functional Requirements

Creation of documentation to know how to install and use funambol server with other devices

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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