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Projects:Validity dates - Valid From/User Manual

How to configure it

Once the module is installed, end-user must schedule a new process named "Organization Valid From" at the application path:
"General Setup || Process Scheduling || Process Request || Process Request",
as shown below:


This process will automatically mark an Organization as "Active" or "Not Active" depending on its "Valid From" date compared to the current date, whic means that Not Active Organizations having a "Valid From" date in the future will be "automatically" set as Active once the Valid From date is equal to the system/current date.

Same applies to the "Organization" window.
If the end-user changes a Valid From date to a future date (05-08-2011) compared to the current date (29-12-2010), the system will automatically set that Organization as "Not Active" as shown below while saving that Organization:


It will not be possible for the end-user to select the Organization "A" in any of the Openbravo windows, because it is not Active.

How to use it

Once the module is installed, end-user can realize that all existing Organization will have a "Valid From" date = 01-01-1900,
Valid from.png
which can be later on changed as required
Date changed.png

This feature compares the accounting date entered in the Invoices (by example 30-06-2010) with the the Organization "Valid From Date" (by example 01-07-201) while "PROCESSING" such invoices.

Invoices will be processed only in case the "Accounting date" is >= than the "Valid From" date for the Organization.

In our example, the invoice will not be processed because the "Valid from" date is 01-07-2010 while the accounting date is 30-06-2010.


Initial Organization setup

In case of creating an organization by using the "Initial Organization setup" process, the new field named "Valid From" will take the "system date" as "Valid From" date.

The end-user will be able to set a diferet Valid From date while setting that Organization as Ready.

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