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Projects:Validity dates - Valid To/Functional Document


This module adds a Valid to Date field for Tax Rates, Financial Accounts and Business Partners and defines an Accounting process which checks these values.

By default these new Valid To fields are empty, which means they are valid forever. If the user defines a valid to date, the included accounting process will check if the accounting date for the document is less or equal than all these fields. If this rule is not valid for any field, the Accounting process will end with an error and the document will not be posted.

Short Explanation

1) A "Valid To Date" field must be created in the application paths detailed below:

1.a) Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || Tax Rate || Tax tab. Valid To Date should be next to existing "Valid From date". ValidTo TaxRate.jpg

1.b) Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || Account Tree || Element >> Element Value tab Valid To Date should be next to existing "Search key" field. ValidTo Element.jpg

1.c) Master Data Management || Business Partner || Business Partner tab Valid To Date should be next to existing "Search key" field. ValidTo BP.jpg

2) All of above "Valid To Dates" must NOT be mandatory.

3) Empty "Valid to dates" means that there is no a valid to date to take into account, there is no an expiration date

4) "Valid To dates" must be filled-in in case an entity (tax rate, BP or account) has a specific Valid to Date.

5) The booking control process must check these 3 valid to dates before booking/posting.

6) Booking will only take place in case below 3 validations are positive/true

Accounting date <= Tax Rate Valid To Date
Accounting date <= Element Value Valid To Date
Accounting date <= Business Partner Valid To Date

7) Above validations will take place while posting any document which can be posted/booked in the System, and only in case the Booking Control accounting process is set up and active for the accounting schema.

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