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Projects:Vendor Consignment/Functional Specification


My Project - Functional Specifications

This is a draft document, a preliminary set of thoughts to outline the functionality and facilitate the discussion.



The purpose of this project is to enhance the inventory management of Openbravo ERP by adding the dimension of Vendor-Consignment.


User Stories

Story 7: Vendor-Consignment inventory

1. As result of the product/vendor definition, a purchase order line is flagged as vendor-consignment. Upon receipt, the inventory records are flagged 'Vendor-Consigned'.

2. As result of this flag, this inventory receipt does not execute the process for accounts payables.

3. This flag can be changed manually in the inventory management function or it can be changed as result of a sale or other flows that reduce inventory on-hand like an inventory (re-)count or scrap procedure. In any of these cases, the Vendor-Consignment flag must be switched-off prior to the sale, count or scrap transaction.

4. Upon change of this flag (on->off / off->on), the change agent detects this and (un-)processes the related accounts payable.

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