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Projects:View Generation Improved Scalability/Specs

Current Issues

Currently (PR18Q4) generating views has two major problems:

Generated views are cached in the browser which reduces the severity of the problem. But in situations such as code upgrades, this cache is invalidated so potentially many clients can start requesting views simultaneously.

The causes are:

Proposed solution

Since 17Q2 ADCS is Application Scoped, it caches Application Dictionary definition. Making use of it would reduce the number of queries to AD to generate views as well as it would make a better memory use.

In order to reduce queries to Grid Configuration, we should make use of Hibernate 1st level cache, so all required information for grid configuration is requested from the database all at once rather than getting it field by field. Note that this information cannot be currently cached as it is expected to be modifiable without requiring Tomcat to be restarted.


Areas to take into account:

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