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Projects:Warehouse packing:User Guide

Warn-icon.png   Important Note: Warehouse packing functionality is discontinued and unsupported. All supported Warehouse functionality is included now in Advanced Warehouse Operations modules.



This project implements and enhances the management of the packing operations within a warehouse. Once the goods shipment is processed starts the packing operation. This operation will be done individually per goods shipment document. For each different product the warehouse worker will decide in which different handling unit (hereafter Box) will pack the product.

Packing an specific goods shipment

How to pack

The good shipment must be in status Completed and the field Packing Required marked in order to pack it. Then button 'Pack' will be displayed.

When pressing the 'Pack' button:



Packing Box Tab

In Good Shipment window there is a child tab (Packing Box) where newly packing boxes are shown. PackingBox.png

Content Tab

In Packing Box tab, there is a child tab (Packing Box) where the content of the box is shown. Content.png

Packing several goods shipments

How to pack

To perform this action you need to go to Packing window. This window has several fields and the important ones are:

This window allows you to select the goods shipment that you want to pack. To do so you need to press the button Pick Shipments. The criteria to show which goods shipments can be selected is:

Once all shipments have been picked you can start packing. The way to do it is similar as How to pack


Calculate Weight


In order to calculate the weight for each bundle/box some configurations are needed:

User case 1

If the box contains 5 units of that product then the calculated weight for the box will be: 7.5 Kg

User case 2

If the box contains 20 units of that product then the calculated weight for the box will be: 17 Kg

How to calculate

The pack popup (Button Pack) has a flag Calculate weight to calculate or not the weight for each of the boxes. This is configurable and the flag can be marked by default or not using a preference. To do so:

Out of the box there is no preference defined so the flag is not marked

In case there is something missing in the configuration the packing process goes ahead but a warning is shown telling the weight couldn't be calculated properly


When this happens you can still calculate the weight once you correctly setup the configuration. To do so you need to press, again, the Pack button and click Pack. The system will calculate the weight for each of the boxes

Things to consider



Due to an existing Design Defect (Issue No. 37554), there is a performance problem with the Packing Pop Up when working with large volumes. If the number of records and boxes is high enough, the Pop Up becomes slow when loading and when scrolling through it. It is specially sensitive to the number of boxes, for hundreds of records having more than fixe boxes might result in a slower Pop Up.

If this is the case, it is better to split the Goods Shipment into smaller documents before creating the Packing.

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