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Projects:WebUSB and WebBluetooth receipt printers


Openbravo Web POS is a multiplatform web application that only requires a web browser to operate. It can run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. The only exception to this is that requires the use of the Hardware Manager to print receipts, open the cash drawer, etc. This reduces the benefits of having a pure Web application because the Hardware manager needs to be installed and configured in each POS terminal. To update to a new version all POS terminals needs to be updated. Also if the receipt printer is replaced with a different model, the new configuration must be done in each terminal the printer is replaced.

With the new WebUSB and WebBluetooth specifications, web applications are now allowed to communicate to the hardware connected to the POS terminal. Bringing to Web POS all the benefits or having a pure Web application and reducing the total cost of ownership.

With WebUSB and Bluetooth we can remove the Hardware Manager for printing receipts. The only requirement for POS terminals is to be able to execute a web browser (Chrome) and all capabilities including printing receipts are available for all platforms, even mobile devices.

Also when updating Web POS, all new printing capabilities are included, there is no need to go to every POS terminal to update the Hardware Manager, and all the configuration is done in a central location. For example to replace the receipt printer to a new model, there is no need to go to every POS terminal to do the printer configuration, all configuration is done in a central location for all POS terminals.


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