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Projects:Web POS/Loading Orders

This project will create an API which will be used by the retail module to store a Sales Order, and generate and store all associated documents, in Openbravo.

The main goals for this project are:


Generation of documents (order, shipment, payments)

The process will create an Order in Openbravo from the information which comes in a JSON object. It will also create a shipment for this order, and generate all payments in Openbravo correctly.

Stock maintenance

The process needs to take stock into account, reducing or increasing the stock when appropriate. Synchronization of concurrent requests needs to be considered for this part.

Grouping documents -define-


Performance and scalability testing - Benchmark

Benchmarking will be done thoroughly to ensure that the process can be used to create the number of required orders per time unit.

Create an invoice based on a created POS order

The process needs to be able to generate an invoice from the order. This capability will not be used in all circunstances, but some orders will require it.

The problem with the document numbers of the invoice needs to be resolved somehow.


The process needs to be able to handle returns which will also come from the POS.

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