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Projects:Webservice For Webstores


Webservice for Webstores

Here will be documentation for this feature. The work is in progress.

At first point documentation is from a development point of view and modified with along the work progresses.

This document will not cover how to add columns to database nor how to add fields to Openbravo frontend. Only an implication of what to be added is included.

xsql classes for basic sql operations are copied and modified from packages org.openbravo.erpWindows to webservice

First BusinessPartner

This webservice will be separated from current webservice and they can work side-by-side.

UPDATE 17.6.2008: This project is in pre-alpha state at the moment and the first main function uploadOrders works. It gets data as an array from external website, creates bp, locations, relations to locations, order, orderlines and processes the order setting it to Complete within interface. Basically because most of the times order is ready to be shipped when it's ordered from webstore. Testing phase continues, cleaning up is to be done and some hardcoded data to be moved as part of parameter array. Just so you know, who are waiting this project.

Webservice For Webstores - Functional Specifications


Current webservice is not enough for efficient operating with webstores. This webservices idea in first stage is to be able to receive order data and business partners for those orders. And to add Sales Orders without using Import Order functionality. To make the process more fluent from customer ordering to shipping it. Initially this is made for osCommerce, but with a connector sending data in webstore any webstore should be able to use this.


First stage's purpose is to get the ordering process from customer to shipment as fluent as possible. Idea is to receive data through this webservice, and create sales orders right away, without using the Import Order function in between.

Basic idea is to keep the flow from order to shipment as simple as possible.

Second stage would take the dataflow further. Ability to update stocklevels based on the levels of OpenbravoERP to Webstore, update of trackingnumbers and statuses of orders.




Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles


New fields to database:

C_BPARTNER.EXTERNALBPARTNER_ID - keeps track of customer id's within one store, since several stores might have same id's the format of this field would be "store_prefix" + "customer_id_within_store"
C_ORDER.EXTERNAL_ORDER_ID - keeps track of order id's in web store

Process definition

Stage 1, method uploadOrders

The process flow in rough would be as follows:

  1. Get data from web service
  2. Load basic data from External Point Of Sales
  3. Check for existing Business Partner
  4. Check if needs to update data
  5. If BP doesn't exist, create a new one
  6. create/update user
  7. create/update locations (shipping/billing)
  8. if customer wants to ship to another person a new BP is created
  9. locations for shipto BP
  10. create order
  11. get header data for Sales Order
  12. get orderlines
  13. set pricelist
  14. allow to override pricelist, we get prices from store
  15. ability to do initial processing of order automatically
  16. create a payment

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups

Technical Requirements

Functional OpenbravoERP installation

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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