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Projects:Wildcard Support In Exclude Filter



Openbravo uses SymmetricDS as the tool to handle the database synchronization between the central server and the store servers. This tool creates several database objects (tables, triggers, functions and sequences) that should be ignored by dbsourcemanager when doing import/export.database.

Normally this would be handled by the exclusion filter, but there are two problems:

The aim of this project is to support using SQL wildcards in the exclude filters, so that there is no need to add an exclusion clause per excluded database object. For instance, to exclude all the tables whose name starts by "SYM_", the following exclusion clause could be used: <excludedTable name="SYM\_%"/>

Exclusions will be handled as wildcards if its name contains the '%' character.

This issue will also benefit from this project if it manages to escape properly the underscore character in Postgres and Oracle.

Phases of the project

The project is going to be divided in four phases:

Tracking issues:


User Documentation

Included here.

QA & Tests

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