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QA Processes/Installers Testing



This document explains the procedure for testing an Openbravo ERP installer. An installer is built when a release is ready to be published. Most common installers are on Alpha Releases, Beta Releases, Production Releases and Maintenance Packs.

Compatibility Testing

Installers are tested to work in two Operating Systems:

Also, the two supported databases are:

When installing, it's possible to include or not include Sample data.

Finally, installation can be made on Standard or Development modes.

The 16 combination are not tested, so an heuristic picking is made. The eight tested environments are:

This test includes basic installation steps as described in ERP/2.50/Openbravo ERP Installation.

Steps after successfully installing:

DBSourcemanager testing

In order to verify that DBSourcemanager is working properly, the XML files stored on AppsOpenbravo/src-db/database folder should match with database model.


C:\OpenbravoERP\AppsOpenbravo\src-db> copy database originalDatabase
/opt/OpenbravoERP/AppsOpenbravo/src-db> cp database originalDatabase
ant database.lib export.database

Defects revision

For defects marked as Regression and those still not verified, a verification process will be launched. For more details, see QA_Processes/Defect_life_cycle.

Test case execution

QA has three defined sets of test cases:

Main differences are:

Depending of the release type, QA will pick the convenient set:

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