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QA Tools/Testlink



For managing test cases, QA team uses Testlink (external site Testlink Home Page).


For best suiting the tool to Openbravo ERP's processes, a new functionality was added to Testlink.

User histories

User history 1

A community user wants to participate on functional testing, so she opens testlink. Since is her first access, she does not have an account, so she choose the "Sign up for a new account" link. After that, she can login into the testlink and browse the testcases. She can now view what others did, the results of previous executions and execute testcases. She can freely choose between non executed testcases, already executed testcases (either by her or others). Execution can be successful (result: PASS) or unsuccessful (result: FAIL). In the last case, she can report an issue on the issue tracker ( link to issue tracker ).

User history 2

An Openbravo QA engineer needs a new private site for feeding testcases for his own projects, and wants to keep control about who browse and execute his testcases. So he creates a new testlink project, marking it as Private, and providing access only to himself, a coworker and his manager. Since there are two modules for executing, he assign himself to one and left the other to his coworker.


A new column was added to TestProjects table:

And a new function was added on the userCreate.php file:

On the Project Page, a new Combo for choosing is Private or not was added.


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