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Regions China


This module inserts Chinese Provinces in the Tab "Regions" of the Country "China" in the Openbravo window "Country and Region".

Here is the list of the 31 Regions inserted :

-上海市 (Shanghai City)
-云南省 (Yunnan)
-内蒙古自治区 (Inner Mongolia)
-北京市 (Beijing City)
-吉林省 (Jilin)
-四川省 (Sichuan)
-天津市 (Tianjin City)
-安徽省 (Anhui)
-山东省 (Shandong)
-山西省 (Shanxi)
-广东省 (Guangdong)
-广西省 (Guanxi)
-新疆维吾尔自治区 (Xinjiang)
-江苏省 (Jiangsu)
-江西省 (Jiangxi)
-河北省 (Hebei)
-河南省 (Henan)
-浙江省 (Zhejiang)
-海南省 (Hainan)
-湖北省 (Hubei)
-湖南省 (Hunan)
-甘肃省 (Gansu)
-福建省 (Fujian)
-西藏自治区 (Tibet)
-贵州省 (Guizhou)
-辽宁省 (Liaoning)
-重庆市 (Chongqing)
-陕西省 (Shaanxi)
-青海省 (Qinghai)
-黑龙江省 (Heilongjiang)

There is no action required by the end-user to take as this module includes a system dataset that is installed and applied by default once the module is installed.

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