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Release Management/How to setup Openbravo ERP live testing environment

Release Management/Internal




Here we are looking at how do resurrect tecnicia14 using the The goal is to facilitate live testing of bleeding edge branches (eg: pi, main,2.3x,2.40 at the time of writing this document) of all version of Openbravo ERP. Hopefully this will help our developers and QA team to a large extend on fast testing of new functionality added.

We had propose to our developer community about the same and few had comment about it here More about this milestone here


At the moment we have planned to run this in amazon instance with oracle database & postgres in once instance, one instance for and other one for

How Do we

How to here means the actual setup which will at the end result in the full testing environment similar to Technicia14.

Setup instance

Use ec2 console or cmd line for starting the required instance

Setup oracle

Similar to how have we configured oracle for Refer here

Setup Openbravo ERP instance

Refer our manuals for setting up Openbravo ERP.

Avoid permission problem

To avoid problem which occurs during module installation, the plan is to first create openbravo user and try that it owns every directory required (eg: in /opt/OpenbravoERP2.50/*).

cd /home/openbravo
tar -xvzf apache-tomcat-6.0.20.tar.gz
ln -s apache-tomcat-6.0.20 tomcat

Setup post-action in on selected jobs

we need to be executing the following steps to get it working.

Test Instances

To set up this we need something similar to what we need to get an OpenbravoERP up and running.

Jobs contributing in setting up testing environment

Post Action for the above listed jobs

ant war
pg_dump -U tad -h localhost -F c -b -v -f /tmp/openbravo.dmp openbravo
tar -cvzf <source-dir>.tar.gz <source-dir>
scp /tmp/openbravo.dmp openrbavo@<IP of new instance>:/tmp
ssh openbravo@<IP of new instance> ./script erp_devel_pi-full-oracle
* Note the script should be present in the new instances.

A Sample Script

Script for Oracle Instance

<command to add dump to database>        
sed -i 's/<old oracle IP>/<new oracle IP>/g' /home/openbravo/tomcat/webapp/$VAR/WEB-INF/
sed -i 's/<old oracle IP>/<new oracle IP>/g' /opt/$VAR/config/
cd /opt
tar -xvzf /tmp/$VAR.tar.gz

Script for Postgres Instance

pg_restore -v -i -U tad -h localhost -d $VAR -p 5432 -O /tmp/$VAR.dmp > $TEMP_DIR/pg_restore_`date +%Y-%m-%d`.log
mv /tmp/$VAR.war /home/openbravo/tomcat/webapp/
rm -r /home/openbravo/tomcat/webapp/$VAR
cd /opt
tar -xvzf /tmp/$VAR.tar.gz

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