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Release Management/PerformanceTest


Work flow


Below is a workflow that is used to test performance in Openbravo ERP 2.40. This will be used as base to decide the flow for 2.50

Flow 1: Startpage + login
Flow 2: Startpage + login + create a product
Flow 3: Startpage + login + Search a product
Flow 4: Startpage + login + Search a bpartner + switch to grid
Flow 5: Startpage + login + Search a bpartner
Flow 6: Startpage + login + bp + search popup,cancel + enter bp with customer & location, go back to bp tab
Flow 7: Startpage + login + BP + goto Grid + toolbar next + toolbar last
Flow 8: Login - Create a sales order
Flow 9: Startpage + login + Sales order + Search one documentno + OK
Flow 10: Login + Create a sales invoice
Flow 11: Startpage + login + Sales invoice + SearchPopup + Search one,ok + Display one line in Grid + change to EditView
Flow 12: Startpage + login + Sales invoice + Search 100000 + Payment tab + goto form view
Flow 13: Search a bankstatement
Flow 14: Search a settlement
Flow 15: See the account tree
Flow 16: See the Account selector
Flow 17: See the business partner selector


We can perhaps reuse the test that is written for 2.40. Regarding this we have discussed with stefan from platform and below is the what he had to say. Now we need to decide what are the next steps.

Stefan Huehner input

Note that test 9 is broken and thus not used so far (just deactivated and ignored in our measurements)).

From functional point of you our Pablo's could perhaps comment.

My two cents:
- Remove Flow 15 as the speciality of the account tree is the tree display which is done by the browser so not directly covered by the perf tests, from the server's point of view the Account tree is just another normal genereated window.
- Perhaps remove flow 17 as using the business partner selector is only a sub-step of creating an order (or an invoice)

- Perhaps unify Flow4 and Flow5 (remove 5) as they also overlap.

- Check with ob-xpress so that we get a good coverage of the flow in this?

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