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Release Management/Repo structure with 3.0



With the introduction of our new major version there raised the necessity to re designing the repo structure to adjust the new version and make the older one in sync with the new ones.

And this wiki is a formal announcement of the same as the proposed repo structure has already been shared in the mailing list to understand it's pros and cons.

Older Structure.

Our old repositories are quite efficient in accomplishing what they have been meant for and the same has been kept in mind while creating the new proposal.

Old repositories were like this:

New One.

In this new one we have tried to make changes in such a way that the developers have to face the minimal changes in their day to day work. Now lets see one by one where do we have what and also what the developers have to change in their local clones

New repositories will be like this:

Now the question will be how as it will have different version numbers in the same modules and also different fixes etc. So the answer to that is Named Branching.

What are named branches? To understand further one need to get the answer of this question. The answer to this in simple words is:

To understand more about named branches please go though this.

So this is the main idea:

And for special cases where modules pass from public to private or vice versa a real clone will be present in mods and pmods.

Example: erp/pmods/module (for 2.50) same is public for 3.0. Then can be handled like this erp/pmods/module (for 2.50) and erp/mods/module (for 3.0)

To explain the Named Branch scenario we have created a example repo. Please feel free to clone this repository if you wish to have hands on experience of the same.

These commands will help you:


RM has also planned to give a training session to developers to get comfortable with this new repository structure and branching feature.

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