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Release Management/Smoke test with Hudson

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This document describes what is Continuous Integration (CI), why we need it, what is Hudson and why we use it. What is Openbravo ERP smoke test, How QA develop and manage it, and finally how smoke test can be integrated to Hudson and its benefits.

Continuous Integration

The term "continuous integration" refers to a process that builds and tests the code under development phase on a frequent basis. Vision of CI is to assists development teams and QA team with the following challenges:

Fore More info on Continuous Integration check here


Hudson is a Continuous Integration tool written in Java. Helps to repeat the same steps we do in our day to day build/test. The advantage here is Hudson tool records/stores the steps and triggers them on every execution (basically process automation) and we only monitory the results and do the need full action on failure.

How QA develop and manage Smoke test


As Openbravo ERP is subject to change with its feature and process, smoke test automation scripts are maintained for every version

when ever a ERP update found to affect smoke test automation results, a fix will be done to smoke test script and committed to appropriate repositories

Daily Test

As ERP SCM is updated daily with developers commit QA performs daily test over the application to track on bugs early

Smoke test in Hudson

System Specification

Smoke test are set in High-CPU Medium Instance which has about

One shared oracle instance for all versions of ERP-smoke test

Work Flow

Initial Setup

Configure the smoke test through Hudson's configure UI

Daily Execution


How to Debug Errors

On smoke test failure what we do

Forward yout localhost port to smoketest machine
ssh <smoke_test_machine_IP> -p <ssh-port> -L 5901:localhost:5901
View the console 
vncviewer -encodings "copyrect tight hextile" localhost:01 -compresslevel 7 -quality 5

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