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Release Management/UEC


Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud aka UEC

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, UEC and Eucalyptus are synonyms.

Is Eucalyptus a precise implementation of Amazon's EC2, S3 and EBS?

No. Eucalyptus supports Amazon's interface syntactically and it implements the same functionality (with a few exceptions), but internally it is almost certainly different. Eucalyptus was originally designed to be extensible and easy to install and maintain, particularly in a research environment, where system administrator time is the most expensive commodity. While we can't be certain, Amazon's main design goal almost has to be scalability.

So what is Eucalyptus

A software to maintain private cloud built in house using {api,ui} simillar to Amazon Web Services (ec2,ebs,etc)

What is that we need to make our product UEC enabled

We can reuse ami created using ec2-* tools which are nothing but disk partition. The only visible difference is in amazon its AMI and here its EMI, Change from Amazon -> Eucalyptus

Show me an service based on UEC a store sync service use ubuntu UEC to manage the infrastructure. more news here


* compatible with Amazon EC2, Xen 
* testing becomes easier using local cloud


* you need the infrastructure. If you don't have enough hardware, it's not useful for you

IRC discussion between RM team members

12:28:54 < gnuyoga> iarwain: so basically ecucalyptus is beind the UEC (or ubuntu enterprise cloud)
12:29:16 < gnuyoga> iarwain: its started as research project -> goal is to have single way to manage virtualized resource
12:29:51 < gnuyoga> iarwain: we can visualize it as amazon infrastructure software deployed in our office servers cloud where our customer can run their ami in our cloud
12:30:24 < gnuyoga> iarwain: eucalyptus give the same euc2-* instead of ec2-* with moer or less same functionality
12:30:58 < gnuyoga> iarwain: and its backend is also XEN ;-)
12:30:59 < iarwain> gnuyoga: ok, understood. Sounds good.
12:31:24 < gnuyoga> iarwain: now ubuntu karmic says eucalytus doesnt sound good and they call it UEC ....
12:31:31 < gnuyoga> iarwain: its installable like ubuntu serve
12:32:12 < iarwain> gnuyoga: cool.
12:32:16 < gnuyoga> iarwain:
12:32:31 < iarwain> gnuyoga: so the ubuntu enterprise cloud is a product and not a service, or both?
12:32:53 < gnuyoga> iarwain: its a product, that mean no credit card involved ;-)
12:33:17 < gnuyoga> iarwain: it enabled people to share their hardware as SAAS model
12:33:17 < iarwain> gnuyoga: ok. So you must have the infrastructure of you want to do it.
12:33:25 < gnuyoga> iarwain: yes,
12:33:38 < gnuyoga> iarwain: they make money in consulting how to deploy the stack
12:33:45 < gnuyoga> they == eucalyptus
12:33:47 < gnuyoga> and ubuntu
12:34:02 < iarwain> ok
12:34:29 < gnuyoga> iarwain: now the images are amazon compatible, ami created in amazon can be run here as well
12:34:30 < iarwain> -> I read about this the other day
12:34:47 < iarwain> Uses eucaliptus as well. Run by NASA??!
14:19:56 < iarwain> gnuyoga: cons: you need the infrastructure. If you don't have enough hardware, it's not useful for you.
14:20:30 < iarwain> It's a con or a pro, depending on the point of view.
14:20:55 < harpreet> gnuyoga: this doc definety is enough to pull me to see UEC in action, but as i know amazon the first question to me is what is the variety of EMI's (diff OS). Scalability in terms of vertualization on the top of it .
14:22:45 < gnuyoga> harpreet: that's more a technical question, like amazon never say what they run behind. u can run these OS'es. At the moment UEC is based on Xen 3.* but plans are its way to support any virtualization technology behind like vmware, virtualbox but the differentiating factor is abstracted way to manage all virtual


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