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Release Notes/3.0MP2.3


Openbravo 3.0MP2.3 available

Release date: September 29th, 2011

Bulbgraph.png   This is an emergency update which addresses a critical issue related to accounting in the MP2.x releases series (MP2, MP2.1 and MP2.2). In the Fixed issues section you can find related tickets in the Openbravo bug tracking system.

Most heavily this defect affects Openbravo instances operating in a multi-currency mode (transactions and accounting schema are in a different currencies or any multi-accounting schema configuration). Due to it posting of some transactions to general ledger for multi-currency instances can be wrong.

In order to verify and fix the situation in your instance after installation of this MP please follow these steps:

  1. Install Alerts: Accounting module version 3.0.3 (published in QA Approved maturity status)
  2. Apply dataset with alerts contained in this module from Enterprise Module Management window
  3. Set Alert recipients for them in Alert window
  4. Schedule Alert background process (Process Request window) if it is needed
  5. Check Alert Management window for new accounting alerts
  6. If there is exists any navigate to the transactinoal documents referenced in the alerts and Unpost (checking Delete accounting entry flag) and Post them again.

The full 3.0MP2 Release Notes may be found here. Release notes for the two previous 3.0MP2.1 and 3.0MP2.2 can be found here and here.

Note that this update does contain one API change as listed here.

Fixed issues

Check the complete list of fixed issues and API changes.

Known issues

Download Details

Please evaluate the Openbravo 3 System Requirements, prior to download.

In order to download Openbravo 3, please visit

Online Demo

We have set up our online demo so that it's easier for you to test this 3.0 MP2 release. Select the Country and the language to log in. Check it out!


To install Openbravo 3, please follow the Installation Manual.

Bulbgraph.png   3.0MP2.3 has been published in the QA Approved maturity level and it will reach the Confirmed Stable level in 7 days. Depending on your updates configuration you will or not have an access to this update. Read more about this feature and configure your Openbravo instance according to your needs.


There is a vast array of modules that extent the functionality of Openbravo 3. These include Extensions, Connectors, Localizations, Vertical and Horizontal Solutions, and Tools.

Please discover the full range of modular extensions in the Openbravo Forge (use the filter option to filter by Module Name), with an easy-to-browse catalog of commercial modules available in Openbravo Exchange.

Other resources and links

Special thanks

Finally, we give our thanks to the Openbravo Community which continues to support us with their valuable time and knowledge.

We also thank all Openbravo users for making Openbravo a huge success.

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