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Release Notes/3.0PR14Q3


Openbravo ERP Platform 3.0 PR14Q3 available

Release date: August 6th, 2014

Module version: 3.0.24005

Maturity Status: C

Check out what's new, fixed issues and frequently asked questions about the latest release of Openbravo. As always, you are encouraged to tell us what you think, by raising an issue in or by discussing it in the Open discussion forum.

What's New

Bulbgraph.png   Starting from this PR14Q3 release Openbravo does no longer support PostgreSQL 8.3.x and Oracle 10. The full list of System Requirements can be seen here.

Performance improvements

Fixed issues

Check the complete list of fixed issues and API changes.

Known issues

If any custom code runs the Add Payment process (or any other process defined in the Process Definition window), you might be required to implement the Java code for your customized window only if the process doesn't work properly. The fastest way to do it is to create the Java classes that extend from the original classes in Openbravo. In your new classes you just need to add the following annotation just on top of the class definition, entering the ID of the customized window that is running the Add Payment process (take a look at the way it's defined in the original classes): @ComponentProvider.Qualifier("<WINDOW ID>"). For example, if the Add Payment process is called from a customized window cloned from the Sales Invoice window, then you need to create 3 new classes in your module extending the Openbravo's classes:, and Example:

public class SalesInvoiceAddPaymentDefaultValuesCopy extends SalesInvoiceAddPaymentDefaultValues {}

Additionally, and depending on the business scenarios in your customization, you might need to override on your own classes any of the public methods available in the Openbravo's classes.


There is a vast array of modules that extend the functionality of the Openbravo ERP Platform. These include Extensions, Connectors, Localizations, Vertical and Horizontal Solutions, and Tools.

During this release following modules were created / updated:

Please discover the full range of modular extensions in the Openbravo Forge (use the filter option to filter by Module Name), with an easy-to-browse catalog of commercial modules available in Openbravo Exchange.

Download Details

Please evaluate the Openbravo ERP Platform System Requirements, prior to download.

In order to download the Openbravo ERP Platform, please visit

Online Demo

We have set up our online demo so that it is easier for you to test the 3.0 PR14Q3 release. Select the Country and the language to log in. Check it out!

Trial License

If you want to experience the full power of the Openbravo ERP Platform and test some of its commercial modules in your own environment ask for a free 30-day trial subscription.

Installation & Updates

Bulbgraph.png   Starting with 3.0MP21 version the Openbravo Appliance is based on the Ubuntu Server operating system.

To install the Openbravo ERP Platform, please follow the Installation Manual.

To update the Openbravo ERP Platform, please follow the Updates and Upgrades Manual.

Bulbgraph.png   All releases are published in the QA Approved maturity status and they are promoted to Confirmed Stable status after 2 month. The current maturity status of this release can be seen above and in this page.

Other resources and links

Special thanks

Finally, we give our thanks to the Openbravo Community which continues to support us with their valuable time and knowledge.

We also thank all Openbravo users for making Openbravo a huge success.

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