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Reporting Server


Bulbgraph.png   This solution is targeted to be available in RR20Q1.

Openbravo Reports Server is a feature rich and performant reporting solution based on Jaspersoft Reports Server.

The Openbravo Reports Server gives you the following main functionalities:

Openbravo Reports Server is deployed on its own server with its own dedicated data warehouse database. The data warehouse is updated periodically (daily or more frequently) from the Openbravo transactional database using specific ETL/ELT like scripts. The separate datawarehouse allows us to prepare the data so that reports are fast and data and dimensions are ready to be used in drag-and-drop report creation.

Openbravo Reporting Server Architecture.png

Reports Server User Tutorials

Jaspersoft provides extensive documentation and tutorials on the web to help you get familiar with the user interface and functionality of Jaspersoft Reports Server.

For your convenience we have gathered some of the tutorials here. These tutorials are all short (<7 mins) videos and discuss the features from an (power-)user or consultant perspective.

To start of, this video provides a general overview of Jaspersoft Reports Server.

Then after that checkout the following tutorials providing some more details:

More details can be found in the Jasper Reports Server User Guide.

Retail Reports & Datawarehouse

In the 2020Q1 release our focus will be on delivering reports covering Sales data, amounts, volumes through dimensions based on date, product category (tree), organisation (tree) etc.

TBD: as of October 2019 this development is ongoing and the development guide section will be provided at the end of this development cycle (december 2019).

Reports Server Functional Integration

The Openbravo backoffice is integrated with the Jasper Reports Server in various ways: providing access to the reports server without relogin, report bursting and retrieving reports from the jasper reports server directly through the Openbravo backoffice user. These integration topics are described in detail in this document.

Reports Server Repository Structure

When running Jasper Reports Server with Openbravo we expect and assume a specific repository structure. This repository structure is used to support modularity and also makes sure that developers and consultants know where to find and placec specific artifacts so that they can be exported correctly to modules.

The details of the Jasper Reports Server Repository structure are described in this document.

Development Guide

The Openbravo Reporting Server makes use of Openbravo modularity to organize and package report artifacts. Our approach allows you to extend the datawarehouse model while other artifacts can be copied for customization.

The development guide describes the whole range of development activities from creating and extending the data warehouse model, implementing ETL/ELT data load scripts using SQL and adapt the domain definition with translation and security setup correctly.

Howto and other documentation:

TBD: as of October 2019 this development is ongoing and the development guide section will be provided at the end of this development cycle (december 2019).

Jaspersoft Server Development Resources

Here are links to JasperSoft server documentation relevant for developers:

Runtime Deployment & Monitoring

The ETL/ELT scripts run periodically on the reporting server to update the data warehouse. For the 2020Q1 version of the Reporting Server we will use ant tasks which are scheduled using a linux cron job to run at preset time intervals.

TBD: as of October 2019 this development is ongoing, more details will be added here at the end of this development cycle (december 2019).

Reports Server Configuration

The specific system level configuration of the Jasper Reports Server is discussed in this document. It provides details on what is expected as database name, setup email connection etc.

For other details regarding server administration check out the Jasper Reports Server Administrator Guide.

JasperReports Server Documentation

For detailed documentation on Jaspersoft visit the documentation page. Openbravo uses the 7.2.0 version.

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