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Reporting Server/Reporting Server Domains


As part of the 2020Q2 release the Openbravo Reports solution is delivered with several domains centered around sales functionality.

It is very easy (sometimes takes only minutes) for a consultant to create (custom) reports, charts and dashboards from the domains.


The domains are provided by the following modules:

These modules need to be installed on the reporting server. They provide the reporting data warehouse artifacts, the (incremental) load scripts and the domain and other jasper server definitions.


The sales domains (and their descriptions) are shown in this screenshot:

Openbravo reporting server domains2.png

Next to direct sales information the sales domains also cover discounts, returns, cashup, payments and tax information.

In addition there are domains for gift cards and discount coupons delivered by separate modules.

Dimension Overview

The 2020Q2 domains support the following main dimensions:

In addition some of these dimensions also support hierarchies:

Openbravo reporting date dimension.png

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