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Reporting Server/Reporting Server Masterdata and Sales Reports


As part of the 2020Q1 release the Openbravo Reports solution is delivered with several domains centered around the sales functionality. The sales domains are provided with the date, product, store, sales rep and customer dimensions.

The functionality is provided by the two modules:


The most generic domain is defined on a base table which contains all the sales details on sales order line level. The generic sales domain is on sales order line level, so it allows to create reports on order level also.

From this generic domains several aggregated domains are made available. Each domain aggregates towards a different main dimension:

Each of these domains also aggregates on date level.

Openbravo reporting date domains.png

Dimension Overview

The 2020Q1 domains support the following domains:

Advanced features:

Openbravo reporting date dimension.png

Sample Adhoc-Views

The Jasper adhoc-view allows a consultant or power user to customize and create a report on the basis of a domain definition. In this release we deliver a set of ad-hoc views which can be used as a basis for further customization or creating reports.

Openbravo reporting adhoc views.png

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