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Reporting Server/Reporting Server Reports


As part of the 2020Q4 release the Openbravo Reports solution is delivered with several standard sample reports centered around the sales domain. These reports are to show the reporting and charting capabilities.

With our set of standard domains it is very easy to create your own reports and visualizations or adapt the standard ones to your needs.

All the shown reports can be exported to pdf, excel or other format, in addition all of them can be scheduled and send periodically (by email or other form).

This document gives an overview of these sample reports and dashboards. The columns and filters are just a sample of what is available. To get a feel here is an overview of the main dimensions available in our reporting solution:

In addition some of these dimensions also support hierarchies:

Sales Reports

Sales Analysis

Sales by Month/Store Chart

An example of a useful visualization to use to communicate the sales numbers inside your organization.

Openbravo reporting standard reports sales 2.png

Sales by Product Category/Store Chart

The sales by product category and store gives a good overview of what is popular in which store. The default filtering is by region and year but any other filter (time period, product category levels, etc.) is easily possible.

Openbravo reporting standard reports sales 3.png

The same information can be visualized also using pie charts:

Openbravo reporting standard reports sales 3 b.png

Sales by Product Category

The sections above showed chart visualizations, the same information is available in tabular format in any detail you would like. Below a sample of a report for overall sales across regions by product category.

Openbravo reporting standard reports sales 4.png

Sales YoY Comparison

Our sales data is aggregated in such a way that it is very much possible to create reports comparing year on year numbers on week and month level. The year on year comparison supports all store and product dimensions and hierarchies.

Openbravo reporting standard reports sales 5.png

Top Products by Product Category

Within our reports server there are different ways to aggregate and filter information. One of the possibilities is to show the top N data within a group. The sample below shows the top 5 produces by product category.

Openbravo reporting standard reports sales 6.png

Discount Types by Store Report and Chart

The discount types by store reports gives an overview of the discount amounts by discount type by store and period of time. There is both a tabular as well as a chart view available. With the standard dimensions it is very easy to add new filters or dimensions, for example to report on the sales reps providing discounts or the product or product category which receive the most discounts. For example the top 5 products by product category with the most discount.

The tabular view gives you all the details:

Openbravo reporting standard reports disc1.png

And the chart view is also available:

Openbravo reporting standard reports disc2.png

Store Productivity

Sales by Day/Store

Here is another example of a suitable report for daily operations of a regional manager. Showing the daily sales, number of orders and average basket size by date and store.

Openbravo reporting standard reports sales 2b.png

Sales by Hour/Channel Chart

With the available dimensions it is easily possible to analyze peak sales/moments in a store. The extensive date dimensions allows you compare on many different date and time axis from quarter, to specific week or week days.

Openbravo reporting standard reports sales hr 1.png

Top Sales Rep Productivity

The Openbravo standard domains allow you to create different productivity reports. One example is the top salesreps filtered by quarter/year and shown by store.

Openbravo reporting standard reports sales 7.png

Stock Analysis

Stock Analysis

The sales & stock analysis reports provides an overview of sales (over a time period) and current stock quantity and value. The report provides many filters on time period, store, product category and product.

Openbravo reporting stock analysis 1.png

Product Performance

The product performance report compares sales and purchase volumes with stock levels. There are filters on time period, stores, product categories, product and minimum sales amounts. See the report sample below. Some of the relevant fields:

Openbravo reporting product performance 1.png

Payment Information

The payment domains provide detailed payment information by store, product category, product, sales rep, including extensive date dimension capabilities.

Openbravo reporting payment 1.png

The payment methods by terminal, filtered by store and period:

Openbravo reporting payment 2.png

Sales Dashboards

As examples how dashboards are visualized below two examples. One focused on the store and one on the regional manager. All our views are flexible and can be created easily using any hierarchical level.

Store Manager Dashboard

The store manager dashboards provides sales, returns, discount and sales rep productivity overviews. The dashboard shows the last 5 weeks rolling.

Openbravo reporting store manager dashboard.png

Regional Manager Dashboard

The regional manager dashboard provides overviews of stores within a certain region. The focus on both stores as well as product categories, providing the right level of detail.

Openbravo reporting regional manager dashboard.png


The standard sample reports are provided by the following module:

This module need to be installed on the reporting server.

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