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Reporting Server/Repository Structure


The Jasper Reports Server repository is a key element in organizing reports and reporting artifacts. Artifacts are uniquely defined and identified using the location/path in the repository. Resources within the reports server refer to each other using this unique path.

In this document we will give an overview of the relevant folders you can expect and where to place the artifacts.

Jasper report server repository.png

Main folders

Within the public folder you can find the following folders:


Each reporting module will have a separate subfolder in within the Modules folder. The name of the folder: [DBPREFIX]_[MODULE_NAME]. Whereby each space in the module name is replaced by a _. See the above screenshot for an example.

You are free to add folders/artifacts within a specific module. The complete content will be exported to the corresponding module in the Openbravo source folder tree. However for clarity we define at least three common subfolders: Adhoc Views, Domains, Reports and Dashboards. A subfolder is only needed if it has relevant content of course.


Within the System folder you can find the data source, resources and templates. Each in their own specific subfolder.

How to name and Where to place artifacts

This listing provides you guidelines where to place new artifacts and also how to name your reports, views etc:

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