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Resources and Reservations

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A resource is defined by the necessity of making a reservation for consuming it. So, resources are different items than products or assets in the system.

3 types of resources can be defined in the system:

  1. Generic resource
  2. Asset resource (linked to assets)
  3. Service resource (linked to employees)

Reservations are bookings to use existing Resources. Reservations can be done using Room Reservation widget, both from Memberts Portal or from ERP backend.


Resources configuration allows to create a wide variety of resources to be reserved in the system. Resource setup includes following features:

  1. Creating different resource categories
  2. Resource groups definition
  3. Different reservation calendars
  4. Reservation extras and extras groups
  5. Setup a resource to be bookable online by Members Portal users

For aditional configuration options, please review coworking Preference description:

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