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Restrictions on upgrades from very old Releases

Openbravo in general allows flexible updating from any older version to any future version.

However if the version from which is updated from is very old that process is already more complex as over time the software stack has likely evolved (Database version, Java version, ...)

Starting 23Q1 release there is a limit put in place on the oldest version from which a direct update is possible.

An update is still possible but requires some extra steps.

How to update in case this applies

In case this limit applies it is required to do two separate updates.

Openbravo releases and the update limit they introduce

Release adding the limit Applies to updates from Intermediate update to Issue reference Comments
18Q4 <3.0 (any 2.50) <18Q4 41801 Limit applying to the APRM migration tool
23Q1 <16Q1 <=22Q4 51068

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