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Retail:CHASE Paymentech Payment Provider



Web POS payment provider for CHASE Paymentech . This development includes a Web POS module and a Hardware Manager plugin.

This implementations is only available for Canada and only supports Canadian Dollars (CAD).

The implemented interface is using the Ingenico iCT250 device with Ethernet interface. Includes all supported transactions by Openbravo: Payment, Refund and Void transactions.

Openbravo for Retail module

Bulbgraph.png   Note: Since 3.0RR19Q3 It is availabel also the CHASE Paymentech provider module for Selfcheckout

First install the CHASE Paymentech provider module. How to install modules is described in detail in the document Modules Management.

Once it is installed it needs to be configured. Login in Openbravo as administrator and follow the guide Retail:Payment Methods grouping by Provider User Guide to configure it.

In the window User, for all cashiers you have to assign a Clerk ID value. This value is required to identify the cashier who performs a transaction using this provider.


In the window POS Terminal select the terminal to configure, and edit the field Hardware URL. This value indicates the address of the Hardware Manager connected to the CHASE Paymentech payment terminal. This is the same address used for the receipt printer, customer display, ...

Hardware Manager plugin

This plugin is in a .jar file. To install this plugin just copy the .jar file to the folder bin/libext of the Hardware Manager installation.

To configure the plugin open the configuration file and edit the following properties:

Configuration example:

## Payment device ##
machine.payment = chase:tcp://
chase.debug.level = WARNING



To process payments or refunds using CHASE Paymentech just open the configured terminal, create a sample receipt and add a payment with the payment method configured to use CHASE Paymentech. Then a message will appear in the terminal informing the cashier the payment is processing and in the CHASE Paymentech device will appear all the messages required to process the payment. Once the payment has been completed successfully the payment will be added to the receipt.


In the case a transaction has been confirmed and the cashier wants to delete the transaction tapping on the delete button of the payment line, the void transaction process will be executed. A message will appear in the terminal informing the transaction is about to be voided. Once the void process is finished successfully, the payment line will be removed in WebPOS.

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