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Retail:Combo Discount



Commercial Extension Module (zero cost) Combo Discount is an optional free commercial module that can be installed on top of Openbravo for Retail distribution starting from RR14Q2.

It provides implementation for "Combo" Discount Rule.

Warn-icon.png   Combo Discount is intended to be used only from WebPOS. This means tickets created from WebPOS will be applied with this discount type, if available, but it will not be applied to tickets directly created in backoffice.


A combo includes one or many families of products, each family is compound by one or many products. Each family participating in a combo defines:

In order to be possible to apply the discount, the ticket requires to have at least as many items of any of the products in each family as the Quantity set within it.

Once this quantity is reached, the discount will be applied to all items in the family that are part of the combo. In case the combo can alternatively be applied to different products, the most expensive ones are selected. If there are more items of a product than the required to complete the combo, it will be applied only to the required ones, that rest of items of that product will be split in a new line, being possible to participate in other combos.



Combos are defined in Discounts_and_Promotions window.


Discount/Promotion Type field needs to be set to Combo.

Included Product Categories and Included Products fields should be kept as All excluding defined beacause product definition is not done in this case pupulating the standard Products and Product Category tabs, but defining Families of products.

Allow Increase Line Price

Bulbgraph.png   Starting from RR18Q1 below functionality is available

This new feature provides the ability to configure the Combo Discount to allow/deny increase the line price.

Combo discount.png


Families within a Combo are configured in Family tab. Note that in order a combo to be applied, it requires all its families to be completed.


The fields to complete are:

Products in Family

Products in a Combo is defined in Products in Family tab.

Retail ComboFamilyProduct.png

The fields required are:

Products and Prices in Family

Bulbgraph.png   Starting from 1.0.1400 below functionality is available

Two new changes has been introduced if a Family of Discount Type Fixed Price is selected

Applying Combos

Once defined, combos are applied when tickets are created in WebPOS based on the same rule other discounts are.

When products are added to the ticket, they are checked to verify if it is possible to apply a Combo, if so, it is applied.

Combo Selector

Alternatively it is possible to use Combo Selector.

When there are defined Combos, a new Combo Product Category appears in Browse tab, within this category all available combos are present.


Tapping on a Combo from the list, combo selector is opened.


This selector allows to select the products required for each family, once completed, Apply button becomes active, by tapping it, all the selected items will be added to the ticket.

Combo Selector Improvements

Bulbgraph.png   Starting from 1.0.800 below functionality is available

In Combo Discount module has been included some new changes to improve the combo selector UX. The list of UX improvemets could be check in this list:

Combo Fixed Price

Combo fixed price is the promotion type included in 1.0.400 version, it has been included in the Discount/Promotion Type field.

The application of the discount is the same that the combo discount. As opposed to combo discount you have to define the total price of combo in Combo Fixed Price field. The Definition section contain combo fixed price field where you can configure the total price of combo.

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