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Delivery Modes

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 19Q1.


There are different methods to deliver products in WebPOS. A customer can opt from taking it directly from the store, to collect it from a specific warehouse or having it delivered by a courier.

The delivery modes are:

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 19Q2.

This module also allows to issue order lines containing products with delivery modes other than Pick and carry.


To install the module (an Openbravo Professional instance is needed because it is a commercial module):

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 19Q3.

Starting from RR19Q3 Delivery Modes module is not needed anymore.

Delivery Modes functionality is now available in Web POS enabling a new preference called Web POS Enable Delivery Modes.

Product Configuration

Is possible, at product level, to configure the default delivery modes for orders, as well as for layaways.

Delivery modes configuration at product level

The default delivery mode for products is Pick and carry, unless a mode has been set in Product window for orders and/or layaways. Delivery modes are only applied to products with type other than 'Service'.

Adding a product without stock to a ticket is not allowed if delivery mode is Pick and carry for orders or layaways.


Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 19Q1.

In WebPOS, there is a new button that appears in the EDIT section when clicking on a product and it's called “Delivery Modes”. When clicking on it, the "Line Delivery Modes" pop up is opened with a list of all the existent delivery modes.



If the delivery mode "Pickup in store with date" is selected, a new field "Delivery Date" appears.


When applying, the selected delivery mode and date are displayed in the product line:


If the delivery mode "Home Delivery" is selected, two new fields "Delivery Date" and "Delivery Time" appear.


When applying, the selected delivery mode, date and time are displayed in the product line:


Issue Sales Order

The candidate orders to be issued can be selected through the menu Issue Sales Order. Only lines with delivery modes other than Pick and carry and quantities pending to issue will be shown. Lines belonging to layaway orders are not considered.

Menu Issue Sales Order

Selecting the Issue Sales Order will show the order selector popup. This selector allows to filter by:

Issue Order window

Selecting order lines to issue

Once applied the filter, the returned orders are shown

Issue Order window showing results

The order lines pending to issue matching the filter criteria are listed, grouped by orders. For each order/line retrieved the following information is supplied

For orders: Shown Document Number, Customer, Order date For orders lines: Line number, Ordered quantity, Pending quantity to issue, Delivery date, Product Name, Information icon, Quantity to issue, Warehouse, Delivery method.

Select All / Unselect All

Is possible select or unselect all lines using the button "Select All". When pressed all lines are set quantity to pending quantity and the button is changed to "Unselect All" to revert this change, setting all lines quantity to zero.

Information Icon

The Order Preparation Lines always have additional information to show through the information button (i) or (i+). The icon shown depend if the line only contains standard information like: SearchKey, Name, UPC/EAN or has more information like resource reservations.

When the user clicks on the info button, the following popup will be displayed (depend of information available):

Standard information

Standard information

Additional Information

Additional Information

Change quantity

To issue a line, the following options are provided:

Setting quantities in Issue Sales Order window

Selecting warehouse

To change the warehouse where get product for delivery, use the button on top right. It showing a dialog with a list of on-hand warehouses with available stock. Select an item from list to change the warehouse.

Selecting a warehouse

Advanced Filters

When a refined filter criteria is needed the "Advanced Filters" button can be used to open the following dialog to combine different filters.

Advanced filters in Issue Sales Order window

Issuing Sales Order lines

After preparing the selected order lines, the Goods Shipment document number generated will be shown.

Setting quantities in Order Preparation window

Invoices will be generated if requirements are met.

Goods Shipment Document generated

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