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Retail:Developers Guide/Backbone Models and Collections



Openbravo Web POS uses Backbone.Model and Backbone.Collection to work with data. This article provides an overview of the models and collections.


By convention Openbravo Web POS provides the models as part of OB.Model object:


The available collections are part of the OB.Collection:

Bulbgraph.png   Note: By convention the collection name must be the ModelName plus List suffix


Code snippets that uses OB.Dal and one of the listed model/collection

Search for pending orders:

OB.Dal.find(OB.Model.Order, {
  hasbeenpaid: 'N'
}, function(pendingOrderList, me) {
  // success
}, function(tx, error) {
  // error
}, this);

Searching business partners:

/* rest of the code */
var criteria = {};
if (filter && filter !== '') { // filter is a parameter of the function
  criteria._identifier = {
    operator: OB.Dal.CONTAINS,
    value: filter
OB.Dal.find(OB.Model.BusinessPartner, criteria, successCallbackBPs, errorCallback); // success and error callbacks are previously defined

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