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A coins and bank notes selector is a panel with buttons for each currency coin or bank note that allows to enter quickly payment amounts. By default there is a coins and bank notes panel for the Euro currency but it can be easily added a new selector for other currency.


Configure the coins and bank notes panel

Go to the Currency window and select the currency you want to configure the coins and bank notes. Once selected go to the tab Coins and bank notes. Here add all the coins and bank notes:


Fill in the following field for each record:

The coins and bank notes panel only have space for 9 buttons so only the first 9 records will be used in the panel.

Configure the payment method

Go to the POS Terminal Type Window, select the POS Terminal Type to configure and in the Payment Method tab select the payment to configure and check the field Cash.

Selecting this field indicates that the configured coins and bank notes panel for the payment method currency will appear when selecting this payment method in the POS window.


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