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Retail:Discount By Payment Method



Commercial Extension Module (zero cost) Discount by payment method is an optional free commercial module that can be installed on top of Openbravo for Retail distribution starting from RR14Q3.

It provides implementation for "Discounts by Payment Method" Discount Rule.

Warn-icon.png   Discounts by Payment Method is intended to be used only from WebPOS. This means tickets created from WebPOS will be applied with this discount type, if available, but it will not be applied to tickets directly created in backoffice.


A discount by payment method is a kind of discount which only applies when a certain payment method (configured in "payment method" sub tab) is used.



Discounts By Payment Method are defined in Discounts_and_Promotions window.

Discount Payment Method Configuration marked.jpg

Discount/Promotion Type field needs to be set to Payment Method Discount.

Included BP categories, Included Business Partners, Included Product Categories, Included Products, Included Price Lists, Included Organizations and Included Characteristics are not taken into account by this type of discount. Just the information included in tab 'Payment Method' is used.

Payment Method

Payment Methods involved in a 'Payment method discount' are configured in Payment Method tab.

Discount Payment Method Configuration.jpg

The fields to complete are:

Discount by Payment Method in Web POS

Once defined, discount is applied when tickets is going to be paid. A message which explains the discount is shown when an affected payment method is selected.

Discount Payment Method Webpos.jpg

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