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Retail:Frequently asked Questions

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General Questions

What is the Openbravo Commerce Suite?

The Openbravo Commerce Suite is the Openbravo’s commercial offering for the Retail industry.

The Openbravo Commerce Suite is a multichannel retail business solution built on top of a truly modular, mobile-enabled and cloud-ready technology platform that allows retailers to transform their physical store channel and do more and faster, with lower risks. All this being a must in today’s omnichannel retail reality to provide great shopping experiences to your customers and successfully embrace change and innovation. The Openbravo Commerce Suite offers a unique store solution including a responsive web and mobile POS with assisted sale and inventory visibility capabilities, backed by a complete back office functionality, which can be easily integrated with legacy corporate systems or scale up to the entire business management thanks to its built-in analytics, warehouse and distribution, procurement, merchandising, customer, financials and accounting management capabilities, as well as available e-commerce platform connectors. All on a single product.

Visit our Commerce Suite website section for additional details.

What does the Openbravo Commerce Suite include?

The Openbravo Commerce Suite includes a state-of-the-art commerce solution that will help retailers to:

Openbravo Commerce Suite leverages standard Openbravo Platform capabilities to provide the required flexibility and agility that help retailers succeed in today’s highly demanding retail market.

What is the price for the Openbravo Commerce Suite?

The Openbravo Commerce Suite has a highly competitive, clear and simple pricing model, which helps Retailers for having a clear picture about the expected costs through the whole solution lifecycle, based on the number of Backoffice users and POS terminals.

Visit our Commerce Suite Editions and Pricing section for additional details (presented pricing will be dependent on where you are browsing from).

What is the Retail Backoffice?

It is an Openbravo instance for supporting backoffice processes, at any retailer organizational level, for example Stores, Warehouses or Distribution Centers or the Central Head Office. Subscription for the Backoffice is based on users (concurrent, named or unlimited depending on the subscription type).

What is a POS Terminal?

A POS Terminal is a device running the Openbravo POS module, connected to the Openbravo Back Office (an Openbravo instance). It could be also possible from this terminal to access to the Back Office. It could be a fixed (PC, laptop) or a mobile (tablet) terminal. A terminal subscription is asigned to a concrete terminal and can’t be shared with another one. It could be possible to move it, and then leaving the first terminal unsubscribed.

Which deployment options are available for the Openbravo Commerce Suite?

The Openbravo Commerce Suite can be deployed On Premise, Hosted or in the Cloud.

Can I install additional modules with the Openbravo Commerce Suite?

Yes. The Openbravo Commerce Suite uses an Openbravo instance and customers can install there any module they want, including commercial modules.

Can I customize my Openbravo Commerce Suite?

Absolutely, you can. The objective of the Openbravo Commerce Suite is to reduce your need of customization, but it does not limit at all your capacity to adapt it to your very specific needs. Any adaptation you can do in Openbravo core can be done, using the same tools and means, in the Openbravo Commerce Suite. And thanks for being a fully modular and open source solution you will keep full control of your customizations.

I'm seeking for a mobile POS. Does Openbravo POS run on mobile devices?

Yes. The Openbravo Web POS is a full web and mobile point of sale. Only a browser is required to start processing sales in minutes. Worried about connectivity quality? Not a problem at all. Openbravo Web POS offline capabilities will let you process your sales in case of connectivity loss and synchronize them transparently once connectivity returns.

Compared with other mobile POS that provide a limited functionality with Openbravo Web POS you will enjoy exactly the same functionality from any device. And thanks to the responsive design concept you will run it from devices of different sizes, tablets or smartphone-like devices.

Visit Openbravo Web POS section in our website and watch this video to see the Openbravo Web POS in action in mobile devices.

Which POS peripherals are supported?

Openbravo Web POS is designed to support multiple type of peripherals. Learn more about POS peripherals in the Hardware_and_Peripherals_Guide.

I run international operations. Can the Openbravo Commerce Suite help me?

Yes. The Openbravo Commerce Suite provides full international operations support, thanks to its multi-language, multi-currency and multi-schema accounting.

I have already a Retail system, and I’m seeking for a new system for supporting my Store operations. Can I integrate the Openbravo Commerce Suite with my existing system?

Yes. The Openbravo Commerce Suite is a modular and fully interoperable retail solution. In case you are only seeking for a system to support your store operations, it is possible you set up your system for that, and integrate it with your current retail system.

Download a Store Solution Datasheet to know more about the Openbravo Commerce Suite for physical stores.

I’m an E-Commerce retailer with an existing E-Commerce platform. Can I integrate it with the Openbravo Commerce Suite?

Yes. The Openbravo Commerce Suite provides a strong support for e-tailers seeking for a backend solution for managing their online orders. It benefits from the powerful interoperability capabilities of the Openbravo Platform. Thanks to its complete web services layer, you can integrate the E-Commerce platform of your choice easily. Existing connectors such us with Magento can be used as well.

How can I try the Openbravo Commerce Suite?

Visit our Demo page and select Openbravo Commerce Suite as the product.

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