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Credit Notes


A Credit Note is a type of gift card that is generated when doing any return process. When a Credit Note typed negative payment is created and synchronized, a Credit Note is also generated with the same quantity amount (but in positive).

After created, the user can consume that Credit Note to pay anything in the Web POS (with a value equal or less to the Credit Notes value).

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0RR18Q4.

A credit note can be restricted so that it can only be used if the user assigned to the ticket and the linked to the credit note is the same, by using the "Web POS Forbid Anonymous Customer use a Credit Note " preference. With this preference, the anonymous customer can not create nor use a credit note.

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0RR21Q1.

A credit note can be restricted so that it can only be used on the creating organization by configuring it in the client window.

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Credit Notes: Configuration

Client Configuration

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0RR21Q1.

In the definition of credit note, it will be possible to restrict the credit notes to not allow using them outside the creating organization.

In order to configure this behavior, navigate to Client window and go to Credit Note Configuration section and check the Credit Notes Only For Creating Organization checkbox.


Organization Configuration

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0RR19Q3.

In the definition of credit note, it will be possible to define a lifetime. This lifetime will be defined as a number of days.

Navigate to Organization window, and go to Credit Note Configuration section and enter the Credit Note expirations days.


Payment Method Configuration

Create a new Payment method Credit Note in Payment Method window. How to create payment method


Check the following values:

POS Terminal Type Payment Method Configuration

Navigate to Channel - Touchpoint Type window and select POS Terminal Type to configure a new Payment Type.


Check the following values:

'POS Terminal' Payment Type Configuration

Navigate to POS Terminal window and select POS Terminal to configure a new Payment Type.


Check the following values:

Cash Management Events Configuration

Is necessary to configure the cash management events for close and reimburse actions. These events may be the same events generated for Gift Certificates.

Close event:


Check the following values:

Reimburse event:


Check the following values:

Those events are the same used for Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates Cash Management Events Configuration

Credit Notes: User Guide

Generate: Credit Note

Credit Notes can be generated anytime that an user is able to do a return.

Possible cases to generate Credit Notes:

1. Use payment option Credit Note as show in next figure


2. When a ticket is closed making a payment of a 'Credit Note' payment method as above.


The template included in the module looks like:


In backend, a Gift Card Instance record is created for this credit note


As the previous image shows, this Gift Card Instance has "Based on Credit Note" type, which means that is a credit note, and has a related payment with the quantity returned. Navigating to the payment, is visible that is the payment generated when doing the return process.


Pay with: Credit Note

Credit Note will be used to pay a ticket as other payment method in Web POS.

Make a receipt and go to payment panel, select 'Credit Note' or press button 'More...' if can not see it. The receipt can be fully or partially paid by Credit Note.


Just before introducing a payment of type Credit Note, a selector is opened to ask for a Gift Card Instance of type Credit Note. By default, the selector filters for the active business partner, but the filter parameters may be modified in the Advanced Filter button to be able to search any for credit note. The '*' that appears in the Advanced Filter button says that a filter is already applied (in this case the business partner).

Adding a Credit Note

When an exact credit note number is searched for or one of the listed credit notes is selected, the credit note details popup is opened.

Selected Credit Note Details

Credit Note Details

On Clicking Apply button a payment is generated in the order with the amount introduced before (the total amount if the check button has been clicked to pay in Web POS) up to the Credit Notes available amount. At this moment a Gift Card Transaction record is created for the selected Credit Note to consume the payment amount, but still having the Sales Orderand Payment Method fields unassigned.

If this Credit Note payment is removed before finishing the ticket, the Gift Card Transaction will be removed.

Once the ticket is completed and synchronized, the Gift Card Transaction updates the Sales Order and Payment Method fields.

The Gift Card Instance is modified in backend at the following way:


The Gift Card Instance has a new transaction with the paid amount (18.90). The Current Balance has also been modified.

Create new Credit Note for the same customer

If a new credit note is generate for a customer who has already an opened credit note (for Arturo Montoro in this example), the opened credit note is canceled and it's quantity is summed to the new generated credit note. The new credit notes search key is equal to the canceled one, and the canceled's new search key is the old search key + '*C1'. If is canceled again, the search key will be the old search key + '*C2'.

Canceled Credit Note


A new transaction has been created with the remaining balance to close the Credit Note.

And a new Credit note is created with that quantity (-131.60) plus the new returned quantity (-14.50). The payments are negative, but the credit note balance is positive.


The payment associated to this new Gift Card Instance, is the original payment returned in Web POS (-14.50) adding a GL Item with the quantity amount to the canceled credit note:


The description field has information about the canceled credit note.

Unique/Multiple Credit Notes

There's a new check, at 'Customer' tab in the 'Business Partner' window that allow to create multiple credit notes to an unique user:


By default, this check is selected for each customer. If unchecked, each time a new Credit Note is created for a new customer, instead of closing and summing the quantities, a new credit note is created with only the returned value and the old one continues being usable.

The 'Anonymous Customer' always creates multiple credit notes.

Reimburse a Credit Note

The are situations in which a client wants to get in cash the value of a Credit Note.

To reimburse a Credit Note, an user must click on the Cash Management menu entry and click in the Reimburse button:


Clicking on the button, the gift cards selector is opened, in which an user can search for any Credit Note (Gift Certificates can also be reimbursed at this point, being able to difference by a label that show the type of each line).


When selecting any Credit Note the common gift card details popup appears:


Clicking the Apply button the Credit Note is reimbursed and a popup appears with the reimbursed quantity.


To persist the reimburse will be necessary to click on the Done button and confirm the Cash Management process.

Credit Notes list

A new tab has been created for the 'Business Partner' window that shows the list of credit notes that business partner has. By default, is filtered by opened credit notes.


Showing the full list:


Reverse Payments with Credit Notes

As is available with any other payment method, Credit Notes payments can also be reversed. This causes that in addition to create a new negative payment of type Credit Note, is also necessary to create a transaction that reverses the previous one. This transaction is added to the same Gift Card Instance, having the same quantity but in the inverse sign.

An example of a reverse payment could be the next one:



Reimburse in Different Payment Methods

Bulbgraph.png   Starting from RR19Q1 below functionality is available


Prior to being able to Reimburse Gift Cards in different payment methods in front-office, some configuration related to them needs to be done in back-office.

Financial Account

Navigate to Financial Account window and create a new record, as you can see in the following window.

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods FinancialAccount.png

Cash Management Events

Navigate to Organization window and select the store to configure, open tab Cash Management Events and create a event of type: Reimbursed and select a payment method to be used to reimburse the GiftCard.

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods Organization.png

All POSTerminal Payment Method to be used the configured payment method can be used to reimburse a Gift Card

Cash Management Provider for Payment Method

Some payments method need an external payment provider, for example the credit cards. A new field will be used to configure an external payment provider.

Navigate to POS Terminal window and select the store to configure, open the tab: Payment Type and select the payment method to be configured, as you can see in the following window.

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods POSTerminal.png

Edit Payment Method and select a Cash Management Provider, as you can see in the following window.

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods POSTerminalType.png

Check Digit Algorithm for Gift Card and for Credit Note

It is possible to generate Gift Card or Credit Note identifiers with two algorithms: Luhn and EAN13.

Navigate to the Channel - Touchpoint windows and select a terminal. Now, in the Check Digit Algorithm for Credit Card and Credit Note you can choose the one that best suits your need.

CheckDigitAlgorithm ChannelTouchpoint.png


In WebPOS you can reimburse a Gift Card from two places: Cash Management Window or GiftCard Detail Dialog

Cash Management Window

Select from main menu the option: Cash Management. And push button Reimburse to find a Gift Card. As you see in the following window:

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods WebPOSCashManagementSelect.png

When you find and select a Gift Card the following dialog show a detail information of it.

Note: Only the Gift Card Certificate of category: Refund the difference must be used for reimburse.

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods WebPOSGiftCard.png

Push Apply button to reimburse the Gift Card, the following dialog is shown to select the amount to be reimbursed.

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods WebPOSCurrentBalanceEdit.png

When you push Apply button and you have more than one payment method configured to reimburse it, will be shown the following selector and select the payment method to be will used to reimburse the Gift Card.

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods WebPOSSelectPayment.png

After the payment method is selected it show a dialog with amount to reimburse.

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods WebPOSCurrentBalance.png

The reimburse operation is added to Cash Management list as you will see in the following window:

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods WebPOSCashMngDeposit.png

As usual in Cash Management Window you can confirm or cancel the pending operations.

GiftCard Detail Dialog

The other way to start a Gift Card reimburse is selecting the main menu option: Gift cards/vouchers to find and select a Gift Card. The following dialog shown with Gift Card details:

ReimburseInDifferentPaymentMethods WebPOSGiftCardReturn.png

Push Return button to redirect to the Cash Management Window to complete the reimburse operation.

Cash Management External Provider

When you implement a external payment provider for Cash Management operation you need trigger the event "makeDeposits" to finish the payment process. As you can see in OB.UI.MockPayment component in tap event for OB.UI.MockPayment_OkButton:

 if (this.owner.cashManagement) {

Update balance

In Gift Card Instance window, this process receive an input parameter with the amount to reflect the new balance of the related credit note.

A validation prevent entering a new remaining amount equal to zero. If the user wants to do so, first he will need to use the Cancel button.

This action button is only visible when the status is one of the following:

Once the process is executed, the new balance is reflected, the status is Partial and if the Credit Note was cancelled, it will be unchecked.


A new Gift Card Transaction will be created reflecting the amount difference. This transaction will hold a negative amount for the difference between the remaining balance and the new balance when the new balance is higher than the current balance, and positive when the new balance is lower than the current balance.

Change expiration date

Expiration Date field is editable when the status is one of the following:


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