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Gift Certificates


Gift Certificates are a type of Gift Card. Unlike Product Gift Cards, Gift Vourchers and Credit Notes, Gift Certificates are not created from products consumption or from a payment generated during a ticket synchronization. These Gift Certificates are created setting a quantity and generating a payment in backend linked to a defined G/L Item.

To operate with this new Gift Card type is necessary to configure in the backend.

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Gift Certificates: Configuration

Payment Method

Create a new Payment method Gift Certificate in Payment Method window. How to create payment method


Check the following values:

Gift Cards Reason / Type

Navigate to Gift Cards Reason / Type window and create necessary records for your requirements. Gift Card Reason is being used when creating a gift card Certificate.


Fill out the following fields:

POS Terminal Type

Navigate to POS Terminal Type window and select POS Terminal Type to configure a new Payment Type.


Check the following values:

POS Terminal

Navigate to POS Terminal window and select POS Terminal to configure a new Payment Type.


It's very important fill out following fields as follow:

Organization - Cash Management Events

Navigate to Organization window and select the store to add or configure the cash management Reimburse and Close events (inside "Cash Management Events" child tab):

Reimburse event:


Check the following values:

Close event:


Check the following values:

Those events are the same used for Credit notes. Credit Notes Cash Management Events Configuration

Gift Certificates: User Guide

Gift Cards can used in three places in Web POS.

Create: Gift Certificate

To create Gift Cards use menu option Gift Certificate as show in next figure


The following dialog is opened:


Fill the following fields:

The search key of a new Gift Certificate is composed by:

After Apply button is pushed a new Gift Card Certificate is created as shown in the following figure:


When Gift Card Reason is flagged as Only for this Org the gift card instance is created using Store organization. When reason is configured as cross store the organization used is the Legal Entity.

At this point a Gift Certificate is created generating a payment with amount equal to the quantity assigned during the creation of the Gift Certificate, and assigning the payment to the G/L Item that have been configured for the selected Gift Card Reason:


Pay using a Gift Certificate

A Gift Certificate can be used to pay a ticket as any other payment method in Web POS.

Create a receipt and go to payment panel, select Gift Card /Gift Certificate or press button More... if cannot see it. The payment method has both Gift Card and Gift Certificate names because the same button is used to pay with the two gift card types.

Is possible to pay a complete receipt or make a partial payment.


Once the Gift Card / Gift Certificate payment method as been selected and a quantity is set, a new selector dialog is displayed to find a Gift Certificate to consume. This selector can filter for different filters, being selected the selected business partner by default (can be removed in the Advanced Filter panel).


The selector shows both available Product Gift Cards and Gift Certificates (in this case only Gift Certificates are available).

Clicking on a listed Gift Certificate or searching for the exact card id, the Gift Certificate is selected and the Gift Card Details popup is shown. This popup shows the Gift Certificates status, category, business partner, initial and current balances and the gift card owner.


Clicking on the Apply button a Gift Certificate type payment in created in the payments tab and the Gift Card Instance is automatically consumed in backend, generating a transaction in the Gift Card instance. Removing the payment, the transaction would also be removed.


When the order is finally synchronized, the transactions information is completed with the generated payment and order.


After the payment process is completed and the receipt is synchronized with the backend, a Gift Card Transaction is created in the backend as shown in the following figure:


In Gift Card Instance window the current balance is updated for the gift card and a transaction is made for the amount of the received payment. Payment information is explained in the following figure:


Reimbursed: Gift Certificate

To reimburse a Gift Certificate, open the Cash Management window from the menu (Menu option: Cash Management). Press the Reimburse button and search for the required Gift Certificate:


This selector reimburses both Gift Certificate and Credit Notes gift card types.

Select a Gift Certificate to see its further info on the details popup and press Apply to proceed with the reimburse. All the remaining amount for the selected Gift Certificate will be reimbursed.

Note: Gift Certificates can only be reimbursed when the Gift Card category has been properly configured (see Reimburse flag in Gift Card Reason/Type window).

After the Apply button is pushed, a new line is added to Cash Management. Done button needs to be pushed to complete operation. If cancel button is pressed changes will not be aplied. See following figure:


After the Cash Management is finished, the backend stores the full trace of the reimburse operation.

The following figure shows the closed Gift Certificate having the current balance set to zero and the Gift Card Transaction record linked for the reimbursed quantity (40.00).


The following figure shows the payment detail for the reimbursed transaction.


The reimburse action has involved two payment operations: a payment in (see the previous figure) and a payment out. To see it is necessary go to the Pos Terminal window, select the terminal used to do the operation and select in tab Cash Up History the last Cash Up.


And select the tab Payment Method Status Cashup for Cash payment method. The drop operation is in the tab Payment Method CashUp Events.


Finally, navigating to the Financial Account Transaction of the drop Payment Method CashUp Events, is accessible the cash transaction generated during the reimburse process:


Print Giftcards


In this section it is explained how the backend must be configured in order to print Gift Certificates.

ERPGifCards 1.png

Two new fields are added in Reason Type window:

It is allowed to print a regular ticket (.xml) or a PDF report (.jrxml).

The template must be created and configured properly. How to create templates

The module contains a .xml template by default defined in Pos Print Templates window named 'Default Gift Card Template'.


Three print processes have been added, they will only trigger if in the Category Reason definition is checked the Print Gift Card field and the Gift Card Template has been added:

1.- When a Gift Certificate is created from the Create Gift Certificate menu entry, it will automatically be printed.

2.- On the Gift Card Details popup a Print button has been added.

Adding a Gift Card

3.- When a ticket is synchronized containing a payment of type Gift Certificate.

The template included in the module looks like:


Update balance

In Gift Card Instance window, this process receive an input parameter with the amount to reflect the new balance of the related gift Certificate.

A validation prevent entering a new remaining amount equal to zero. If the user wants to do so, first he will need to use the Cancel button.

This action button is only visible when the status is one of the following:

Once the process is executed, the new balance is reflected, the status is Partial and if the Gift Certificate was cancelled, it will be unchecked. The certificate status will be adjusted to ‘Partially Used’.


A new Gift Card Transaction will be created reflecting the amount difference. This transaction will hold a negative amount for the difference between the remaining balance and the new balance when the new balance is higher than the current balance, and positive when the new balance is lower than the current balance.

Change expiration date

Expiration Date field is editable when the status is one of the following:

If the Gift Certificate already expired, the certificate status will change to reflect:


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