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The Openbravo Commerce Suite requires an Openbravo Subscription to either an Enterprise or Professional Edition, which allows the system to be used by a maximum number of POS terminals and concurrent backoffice users. The total number of subscribed POS terminals and concurrent backoffice users can be checked in the "About" or the "Instance Activation" windows.

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Concurrent Backoffice Users Limitation

When an Openbravo Subscription for the Openbravo Commerce Suite is acquired, a limitation in the maximum number of concurrent backoffice users that can be used is set. This limitation controls that no more than the subscribed number of concurrent users are able to use the system simultaneously.

Trying to exceed the limit

When a user tries to use the system and it exceeds the total number of subscribed concurrent users, a warning message is presented informing about this situation. The system can be then only used as a System Administrator (if the user has this role) and additional concurrent users should be subscribed if the customer requires them.

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POS Terminals Limitation

When an Openbravo Subscription for the Openbravo Commerce Suite is acquired, a limitation in the number of active POS terminals that can be used is set. This limitation does not allow to configure a higher amount of terminals than the subscribed number.

Active terminals are considered those marked as Active in the POS Terminal window. Inactive terminals cannot be used to operate the Web POS, although data that might have been created with them -when the terminal still was marked active- remains in the system.

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Trying to exceed the limit

In the POS Terminal window, when trying to save a new terminal or activating a deactivated one, which makes that the total number of Active POS terminals exceed the number of subscribed POS terminals, a message is displayed: "Saving failed. The maximum number of allowed active POS terminals in this instance, N, has been exceeded." ("N" will show the number of subscribed terminals).

Error exceeded Active POS Terminal.png

During the Copy Retail Store process, the system will also control the total number of Active POS Terminals. The whole process is rolled back and a message is displayed in the log in case this number is exceeded.

Error Copy Store exceed Active POS.png

The Copy Terminal process will also be controlled to avoid creating more terminals than allowed.

Exceeding the limit

This situation could happen in case of a license downgrade, when the new number of subscribed terminals in the license has been reduced but there are still a number of Active terminals higher than this new number and the instance has been refreshed for the new license.

In this case, WebPOS terminals will continue being operable but only System Administrator login is accepted in the backoffice. To solve the situation one of these two actions can be performed:

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