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Clientside Logging

The system allows to save in the backend, the logs generated in the client side.

Also, it allows setup the level log displayed in the browser console, and the level log saved in backend.

The log traces are stored in the window "Log Client". The information stored is:

The "Device Id" is obtained by property "device idenfier" in OB.MobileApp.model.get('logConfiguration').

The JSON column is an array composed by the next information:

It is possible to add new information to the JSON array, adding functions to the Array: OB.MobileApp.model.get('logConfiguration')['logPropertiesExtension']. The functions should return an object.

For example, in POS Terminal, a function is added to know if the system is online or offline. This function returns:

 "online: true/false"

There are 6 levels: Trace / Debug / Info / Warn / Error / Critical

The API consists in 7 functions:

Three new preferences:

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