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Retail:Payment Method Additional Info


Payment Method Additional Info

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0RR19Q3.


The aim of this development is to be able to reflect new necessary information in Payments:

The first two properties are those ones generated once a payment is generated using a provider. This information is return by the provider. The third one is an optional property which is defined by the user for a needed purpose, not being specific the way to use. This allows to set a value to the payments taken from a list defined by the user.

Configuration (Openbravo ERP)

A new window named “Payment Method Additional Information (Option Codes)” has been created in Openbravo ERP to set up Option Codes:



Manual Additional Information

A new flag has been added in Channel: Touchpoint Type window, Payment Method tab named "Additional Information". This flag will allow to, for that payment that has configured, introduce the additional information manually. The purpose of this flag is to be able to set the information sent by a provider manually, because the payment has been lost or any other problem. This allows to avoid loosing information from providers.


If this flag is selected, a popup will appear in the Web POS to set Additional information fields when a payment of the selected payment method is added to a ticket.


Every time a payment is added to a ticket, if the payment method has the flag "Additional Information" selected in Openbravo ERP, a new popup will be displayed to set the new field values.


Transaction Number and Authorization Number are text fields to be filled manually. Option Code field is a button that opens an Option Code selector. Only those option codes set as displayed true and related to the payment method of the payment to be added will be displayed.


Clicking on apply button will set those fields with a value in the payment added.

Clicking on cancel will cancel the action and no payment will be added.

Payment In window (Openbravo ERP)

If the ticket is synchronized to the backend the fields will be displayed in the new payment added.


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