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Retail:Payment Methods grouping by Provider User Guide



This functionality allows payment methods who share the same payment provider showing only one payment button. Depending the card processed by the payment provider the appropriate payment method is added to the WebPOS receipt.

This simplifies and reduces mistakes in the payment flow. The cashier is no longer responsible of selecting the correct payment method depending on the customer card. Now is the payment provider who takes this responsibility.

Bulbgraph.png   Important: To use this functionality you will need a compatible payment provider implementation. Previous payment provider and refund providers implementations are not compatible with this functionality. The reason is that now payment provider implementations have to return an identifier to select the right payment method.


Payment provider installation

To use this functionality you need to install the Payment provider module you will use to process payment transactions with Web POS or in the case the Payment provider is a Hardware Manager plugin compatible with the "Standard payment provider"

Provider group

To configure the payments you need first to create a group. To do this go to the "Provider Group" window and create a new record, then fill in the required fields and save. Then fields in this window are:


Payment methods configuration

Once the group is created you can configure payment methods. Go to the window “POS Terminal Type”, here select the terminal type to configure and go to the tab “Payment Method”.

In each of the payment methods to group you have to edit the following fields:

Note that when you select a Provider group the legacy fields Payment Provider and Refund provider will be hidden. This means that payments for this payment method will be processed with the Provider selected in the Provider Group, not with the legacy Payment Provider and Refund Provider.

When selecting a Provider Group the following constraints apply because all payment methods under the same Provider group will be grouped in the same payment button in WebPOS:


WebPOS operations

Once Payment Provider has been properly configured and the Payment groups defined you can enter in Web POS and operate as usual.

In the payment panel the cashier will see only one button for all the payment methods that share Payment Group labeled as defined in the Payment Group. When selecting this button to pay a receipt the Payment Provider will process the payment and depending on the result, for example the card type used by the customer: VISA, AMEX, ... The configured payment method will be added to the receipt.



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